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    The ANU MakerSpace is a community and a space that is accessible by absolutely anyone from ANU, staff & student alike.
    Become a maker and learn how to build and make anything to support your education, research or hobbies!

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    1. Realise you're a maker
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    2. Download and read our user agreement

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    3. Check the MakerSpace calendar for general induction times

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    4. Come along on time!
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    5. Follow the 10 Maker Commandments!

    The 10 Maker Commandments

    1. Always be curious. If unsure about ANYTHING, STOP and ask for help.

    Want some answers to frequently asked questions?

    2. You are responsible for you, and the people around you.

    3. Help others! Transferring your skills is half the fun of MakerSpace.

    4. READ your Safe Operating Procedure for EVERY machine you use. They keep you safe but also provide tips and tricks.

    5. Report any incidents/injuries, broken machines, and missing tools.

    6. Always wear closed toe shoes. You will be asked to leave if you are not.

    7. Cut away from yourself.

    8. Occupy only one machine at a time.

    9. Clean up after yourself before you leave, at a level you’d be happy to eat off. Otherwise you will be the weekly meme.

    10. If you hear the cleanup song, stop what you’re doing and join in the fun.

    MakerSpace Calendar

    Please note:
    All inductions are on a first-come first-serve basis. Attendance is limited to 7 people.
    Late comers are not permitted and may be asked to attend the next available induction.


    First inductions will start week of January 15th 2018


    Simple, effective, safe.
    Pick any three

    In addition to requiring all users to read and follow safe operating procedures (SOPs) for all tools they use, we use a Traffic Light System for access.

    Tools & equipment are badged with the labels below. Pay close attention to these before using equipment.
    Click on each traffic light for extra information.


    Did you know there's evidence that tool-making and language co-evolved?

    We have an assortment of tools, equipment and resources available for users to build and make many things. We also collaborate with other facilities on campus, so if you can't find what you need, just ask!

    • Hand & power tools. Click for dialog box.
    • ultimaker 3D printers, click for dialog box
    • electronics bench equipment. Click for dialog box.
    • Carvey CNC Router. Click for dialog box.
    • Form 2 3D printer. Click for dialog box.
    • Trotec Laser Cutter. Click for dialog box.

    Project Highlights

    To make is human…

    • The Head of Glass with Ella Sayers and John Debs inspecting the final trophies

      Prototyping the Australian of the Year Awards

      The MakerSpace couldn't be prouder of the Collaboration with the ANU School of Art & Design's Glass workshop, on prototyping and refining this year's Australian of the Year Award trophies!

      See the media releases here:
      Australian of the year trophy designed with makerspace skills
      ANU and NADC unveil Australian of the Year Award trophies

    • Hugo Lee's 3D Printed Saxophone Mouthpieces

      Hugo Lee is a recent graduate from a Bachelor of Music and and Bachelor of Science in Physics. A gifted Saxophonist, Hugo ran a 3rd year research project, designing and then 3D printing Saxophone Mouthpieces on our Form2 Resin 3D printer. He then analysed the acoustics and compared them with theoretical predictions, allowing him to now produced customised pieces at will!

      Hugo is now pursuing his career as a saxophonist, playing exclusively with his custom pieces, and exploring business ideas for them.

      Follow him at:
      Hugo Lee Music
      Hugo's FaceBook page

    • Stacks Image 11789

      Daft Punk Helmet Replicas

      Ken and Duo have been building replica Daft Punk helmets for friend over several months. They have used a combination of techniques, including 3D printing, plaster mould making, the laser cutter, sanding, and painting.

      We're looking forward to the final product!

    • The Magical "Unmixer"

      A student project designed by our very own Prof. Craig Savage, for the second-year ANU Thermal and Statistical Physics course (PHYS2020). Students were asked to design and build an 'unmixer' - an apparatus that seemingly can mix and then unmix liquids! They then had to create a video demonstrating and explaining the physics. This video is an example of this, made by Michaela Ripper, who is also one of Questacon's "Excited Particles!"

    • Laser cut circuit board

      A circuit board prototyped by Pixelated Induction in 10 minutes on our new laser cutter - a unique capability on campus.

      Pixelated Induction

      Pixelated Induction is a young startup company formed by 5 determined students from Physics and Engineering in 2016. They are developing a technology that converts any large-area surface (e.g. a whole) table into an effortless and smart wireless charging surface for smart-devices.

      Winners of an Innovation ACT grant in 2016, and an ACT Innovation Connect Grant in 2017, they have been strongly supported by the ANU Makerspace with tools, resources, and knowledge. Much of their hardware prototyping and testing occurs in the makerspace, with access to experiences electronics engineers through the Physics Electronics workshop.

    • ANU solar car team with the solar car

      ANU's Solar Car Team

      The ANU Makerspace has been supporting the ANU Solar Car team since team's formations:

      "The ANU MakerSpace @RSPE has allowed the Solar Car project at ANU to be able to rapidly prototype components using the 3D printers and the laser cuter which has been absolutely critical with such a complex project."
      - Dominic D'Castro, MakerSpace and Solar Car Team member

      interview with Dom here

      See more at:
      ANU's Solar Car Association
      Sol Invictus page

    • Art & Design

      Steven Worthington is an undergraduate in Gold & Silver Smithing at the School of Art & Design. He has used the MakerSpace extensively in several works, finding new process for several of our machines.

      "In all of my works I like to explore the process of creating and find that it is the way in which something is made that makes it interesting to me. I’m always looking for the makers mark, whether that is signs of how something was made, what tools, what processes, or whether the artist or designer purposefully left signs of how something was constructed. It is the story of HOW something came to be that interests me, so in my work I like to challenge others to work out how I have created something."
      - Steven Worthington

      See more:
      Steven's Portfolio
      Steven's Instagram Page

    • Instagram Feed

      Check out more projects on our Instagram page!

    Our Mission

    Doing is a different way of thinking

    The ANU MakerSpace is an initiative by the Research School of Physics and Engineering, where we know people learn by doing. We believe that inter-disciplinary environments breed creativity, and that everyone has something they can teach everyone else. 

    We are growing a community and a space that is accessible to absolutely anyone from ANU, staff & student alike, to learn how and then build and make anything to support their education, research or hobbies. A learning commons that forges creativity and stimulates the curious mind, in a mixing pot of disciplines and methodology.

    A MakerSpace…

    • Where undergraduates, graduates, teachers and researchers from all disciplines come together; that all but demands frequent interaction.
    • With real research tools, the knowledge, and the resources for people to experiment, investigate, work on projects, and solve problems.
    • Where knowledge effortlessly flows between peers, teachers, staff and academics alike. A truly research-led environment, providing students the confidence to be life-long self-learners.

    The oldest known human-made object. The Olduvai Chopping.

    Did you know that tool-making has been linked to the evolution of language?
    This is the oldest known human-made object - the Olduvai Chopping Tool. 2 million years old, found in the Olduvai Gorge, modern day Tanzania. Object 2 in the British Museum's History of the World in 100 Objects exhibit.


    Come chat to us. We're here to help!

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    MakerSpace Ground Control

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