Our Mission

Doing is a different way of thinking

The ANU MakerSpace is an initiative by the Research School of Physics and Engineering, where we know people learn by doing.  

The MakerSpace community and tools are accessible to ALL current ANU staff & students. We believe that inter-disciplinary environments breed creativity, and that everyone has something they can teach everyone else. 

Projects undertaken in the ANU MakerSpace can be linked to education, research & personal hobbies. We are a commons for curiosity - a truly research-led environment, furnished with resources for people to experiment, investigate, prototype, and solve problems. Our aim is to empower users with confidence to be life-long self-learners and makers.

Project Highlights



We have an assortment of tools, equipment and resources available for users to build and make many things. We also collaborate with other facilities on campus, so if you can't find what you need, just ask!

  • Hand & power tools. Click for dialog box.
  • ultimaker 3D printers, click for dialog box
  • electronics bench equipment. Click for dialog box.
  • Carvey CNC Router. Click for dialog box.
  • Form 2 3D printer. Click for dialog box.
  • Trotec Laser Cutter. Click for dialog box.
  • Stacks Image 16209
  • Pfaff Sewing Machine
  • H T C Vive headset


Come chat to us. We're here to help!


  • photo of john

    MakerSpace Mastermind

    Dr. John Debs

    Ask me about: Physics and Lamps

  • rachael photo

    MakerSpace Ground Control

    Ms. Rachael Hanrick

    Ask me about: Woodworking, Laser-Cutting, and Sewing

  • Photo of Jordan

    MakerSpace Ground Control
    TechBroker Officer

    Mr. Jordan Haddrick

    Ask me about: Electronics, 3D printing, and CNC Machining.

  • Photo of Saskia

    MakerSpace Ground Control
    Culture and Inclusion Officer

    Ms. Saskia Morris

    Ask me about: Laser-Cutting, and 3D Printing

Portrait of Ms. Ella Sayers

MakerSpace Ground Control

Ms. Ella Sayers


  • Photo of Harriet


    B.VA, School of Art & Design

  • Stacks Image p16004_n21


    B. VA/B. Art Hist. School of Art and Design

  • Photo of Sam

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Research School of Physics & Engineering

  • Stacks Image p16004_n48

    Honours Student

    B. Adv. Computing, Research School of Computer Science

Mentors are dedicated members of our community who volunteer time to the MakerSpace and have privileged tool access.
If you think you have what it takes to be a mentor, come chat with staff members.
Mentors are able to gain hours towards an ANU+ accreditation.

Find Us Here!

Walking over from Kambri: Time-Lapse

The ANU MakerSpace is open for inducted users from 8:00AM to 6:00PM
Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and University shutdown)

ANU MakerSpace
Physics Education Centre
Building 38, Science Road
The Australian National University