Become a Maker

The ANU MakerSpace is first and foremost a community with a network of spaces that are open to absolutely anyone from ANU – staff and student alike.
Become a maker and learn how to build and make anything to support your education, research or hobbies!

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1. Realise you're a maker

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2. Download and read our user agreement

3. Complete our online New Member induction

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4. Book into any of our Space inductions, by going to their location pages.

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5. Come along on time, wearing closed toe shoes!

If you are not a current ANU staff member or student, you may be interested in our Maker in Residence program!


Below is a list of all induction (and in order of which they should be taken), for quick reference.

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This induction welcomes you to the ANU MakerSpace, and highlights our expectations around behaviour and safety across our network of spaces. Complete it first online, including a quiz. Once completed, you will be able to book a Space induction for any of our spaces.

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After completing our New Member induction, you are able to book into an in-person Space induction for any of our locations - or all of them! Check the tools on offer in each space to help you decide where to start. We will run you through the important features of each space, ensuring you know where to get help and how to get started making in that space. You can request these inductions on their location page.

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Orange and red tools (see safety) require their own inductions, which vary in length depending on the tool. Please see the tools page for information on how to book an induction. Please note, tool inductions are location-specific, and you must have already completed a space induction for that location to be eligible to book in for a tool induction.

Induction Checker

You can use the box below to check your induction status. 
You'll receive an email with inductions you’ve completed and what inductions you are eligible for.

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Calendar & Events

Check out the calendar below to find what's happening in the spaces. This includes our scheduled inductions (click to find out how many spots are left!), drop-in help times (when mentors are rostered on to help you), and workshops happening in our spaces.


In addition to requiring all members to read and follow safe operating procedures (SOPs) for all tools they use, we use a traffic light system for access.

See each traffic light below for more information.

Members who have completed a New Member Induction, agreed to the user agreement, and been instructed how to use such equipment, may freely use Green tools. You are welcome to self instruct by following our SOPs, as well as any resources we provide when using green rated tools. But feel free to ask any staff or other people around for help!

Orange tools require a formal induction before you may use them. Inductions can be booked from the tools page.

Red tools require a formal induction and supervision. Inductions can be booked from the tools page. Members are not to use Red tools unless they are being directly supervised by MakerSpace staff or an appropriately trained mentor. Speak to staff or a mentor before using a machine that is coded red.